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Let our USA Triathlon and US Masters Swimming coaches help you achieve your goals.


For 2024 we will be offering our series of open water swim clinics to help athletes of all abilities to gain more experience with the sport of triathlon and open water skills. Registration is open for these clinics.

The clinics are designed to move based on skill levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced depending on your open water skills and comfort level.  Clinics will happen once a month starting in June with additional clinics in July focusing on increasing skills and proficiency.  Good for all levels of swimmers or triathletes looking to improve their open water swims. Its a great way to meet new training partners!

Clinic #1 – Beginning or new to open water swimmers – June 29

We will start on June 17, with an introduction to open water swimming for people who have no or limited experience with swimming in open water.  This clinic will talk about gear, water and swim conditions, gaining a comfort level in open water, and having an experience with the basics of entry, exit, sighting, breathing, etc.   No experience in open water or ocean is necessary to participate but you should be able to swim 100 yards with a focus on freestyle. Starting earlier will give you an opportunity to fully develop your open water skills before you get to your first starting line of the year.  You’ll meet new swim buddies, have opportunities to seek out additional coaching and open water workouts.  You’ll also be more comfortable in subsequent clinics. This clinic will be limited to only 25 participants to enhance smaller group coaching.

Clinic #2 – Intermediate skills to make you more comfortable in open water and groups – July 13

This clinic is a continuation of the beginning clinic and will focus on intermediate skills.  This is for people who have experience in open water but you’re not quite comfortable and need to improve your skills, you’ve not been in the water for awhile, or you started with the May clinic and want to continue improving your swim, and swim some longer distances away from the shoreline.   This is an opportunity to improve your skills for sighting, group swimming and drafting, race entry and exit, fine tuning for your stroke and gear.

Clinic #3 – Advanced topics, race strategy and fine tuning skills – July 27

This clinic is for swimmers who are continuing from the first two clinics, or swimmers/triathletes who are comfortable in the water but want some fine tuning of your stroke and breathing, swimming in groups, and developing race strategy and skills.  There will be opportunities to do longer swims at this session and some simulated racing.

You can select to register for only one, two or all three clinics.  Clinics are $35 each. If you purchase multiple events you will receive additional bundled discounts at checkout: $5 for clinic 1 and 2 together, $10 for adding clinic 3. You must also have a valid annual USAT membership or purchase a USAT event membership. Only one USAT purchase is required for the entire event series. If you register for one event and then decide to do more we will provide a special link so you won’t have to purchase another USAT membership.

Small group and individual swim and stroke coaching is available by appointment.


Our focus is on personalized training that is built for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete looking for some fine tuning. We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” training that you can buy online and download without ever having any personal contact with a coach. There’s a tangible difference between downloading a training plan from the internet and getting the personalized coaching that goes along with it. 

We can set you up with a plan that can be implemented with online calendars and workouts that fit your busy schedule, that enable you to log your effort and keep track of your results, but we insist that you go through an interview process beforehand to ensure that you are getting the correct level of skill development and workouts that match your needs. We also offer unlimited email access and scheduled checkpoints for monitoring your improvements. Each plan is customized for your level of expertise and matched to your racing and event goals.

What’s Included In Our Coaching Plans?

  • Consultation about goals and objectives
  • Development of personalized plan for the season based on race objectives
  • Weekly Workout Plans
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Up to 1 – hour each week of telephone consultation
  • Open Water Swim Clinics
  • Swim Stroke analysis
  • Basic Bike Fit
  • Workout tracking/analysis/feedback on Training Peaks or your tool of choice

Contact us at for information on personalized coaching plans.

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