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About Our Events

By design our events are not huge. We are committed to creating high quality events with a personal touch for our athletes. This also allows our sponsors and vendors to have as much contact as possible with both spectators and atheletes.

Regardless of whether you participate in a community run, a triathlon, or a half marathon, you'll never be reduced to a shuffle through the crowds because we like to put a cap on our events so that you have a better athlete experience. We believe every athlete deserves a great experience and nobody likes to be treated like just another face in the crowd.

You can always call or email us and we'll answer you! It may take a day or two but someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

AFPWe have taken the pledge to join Athletes for a Fit Planet. This means that we have committed to doing something to help our environment. Wherever possible we are eliminating plastic water bottles from our events, using recyled materials, compostable cups and bags, and reusing our signage and banners. You won't get goody bags filled with reams of paper! For the most part, if our sponsors won't participate in our online race bags we don't invite them back.

Even our timing chips are a green solution. You can read more about them and our Winning Time partner on the Timing page. We won't introduce a disposable chip sysem until we find one that that meets our standards for both accuracy and is as green as possible.

We support local sponsors and vendors at our events. While we have a few national sponsors and vendors we think supporting the local businesses is important to bringing business to the communities where we live, work and play. As much as possible, our national sponsors are California based companies, or have a local retail presence that helps support our communities as well.