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Volunteering at our Events

Thanks for coming to our volunteer page. We can't tell you how much we appreciate our volunteers and how important it is to the athletes! We are all athletes ourselves and recognize that without you the race wouldn't happen.

We've added an online tool to assist you in choosing what you'd like to do, where you want to be on the course, and what hours are available. We hope this will help you in finding just the right place to help out.

All of our event pages will have a volunteer button located right below the registration buttons that looks like the one to the left. This button will take you directly to that event's volunteer sign-up page.

You can also click on the volunteer links listed below. The links below include hours, locations, and number of volunteers required. Additional jobs may be added as the year progresses but all are active and ready for sign-ups now.

2016 LINKS

Dip & Dash Aquathlon #1

Tri Santa Cruz and Dip & Dash #2

Dip and Dash Aquathlon #3

SuperKid Triathlon

Jingle Bell Rock 5K

Go Green Saint Patrick's Day Run - coming soon

Volunteer Credits

We have two ways you can get volunteer credit - Race Credits or verification of community service hours.

Race Credit - if you volunteer at one of our events we will give you a special code that will allow you to register at one of our events at a 50% discount.

Community Service Credit - If you are a student or belong to a service organization we will sign your paperwork and provide validation of your required community service hours. Be sure to bring your paperwork with you to the event to have signed.